Repairs you are responsible for

repairs you are responsible for making

As a tenant, you are responsible for taking care of your home and carrying out some simple repairs.

These repairs include:

  • unblocking a sink, toilet, bath or waste pipe, if the blockage has been caused by someone living at or visiting your home
  • providing extra locks
  • repairing or replacing locks because they have been damaged, or your keys have been lost or stolen
  • repairing or replacing internal door handles
  • replacing glass that has been broken by someone living at or visiting your home
  • fitting door bells
  • replacing tap washers, sink and bath plugs
  • replacing toilet seats
  • replacing pull cords
  • replacing fuses
  • repairing equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers or any other appliance that you own
  • adapting inside doors to fit carpets
  • fitting draught excluders
  • replacing light bulbs, fluorescent strips and their starters

Damage to your home

You are also responsible for putting right any damage caused by someone living at or visiting your home.

In an emergency, or if you are really unable to sort this out yourself, we may carry out the work, but you will be charged for it.


You are responsible for decorating inside your home.

You can see the updated list here.  Repair Responsibilities