Formal complaint

forma complaint

You can make a formal complaint by:

  • phoning, writing, emailing or visiting any member of our staff
  • completing our online complaints form
  • asking someone else to contact us for you.

How we will handle your formal complaint

Stage 1

Within Five working days, we aim to send you a letter to acknowledge your complaint.

We aim to send you a full response to your complaint within 10 working days.

Stage 2

If you are unhappy with our response at stage 1, you can contact us and ask for your complaint to be investigated at stage 2.

We will aim to provide you with a response within 20 working days.

If you are still not happy with our response, you can take it further.

Further Stages (for tenants living in homes owned by another housing association)

If you feel that we have not dealt property with your complaint about our management of your home, you can take your complaint to the housing association that owns the property. This housing association is your landlord and their name will be on your tenancy agreement.

We can give you details of your landlord, if you phone us on 020 8795 5405.

You will need to follow your landlord’s own complaints procedure. They will normally expect you to go through our complaints process first.

Housing Ombudsman Service

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review response at stage 2 you have the option of asking an external body to review how we have handled your complaint. This is usually Housing Ombudsman.

Housing Ombudsman is an independent service for the investigation of complaints made about social landlords after the organisation’s own complaints procedures have been exhausted. The Housing Act 1996 (amended by the Housing & Regeneration Act 2008) requires all social housing providers to belong to the service.

Housing Ombudsman – Complaints Policy Contact details:

Housing Ombudsman Service PO Box 152 Liverpool L33 7WQ

Telephone: 0300 111 3000



Designated person

A social housing tenant may also approach a ‘designated person’ (as set out in the Localism Act 2011) where they are still dissatisfied after exhausting our complaints process. These are ‘designated persons’:

  • MP (Member of Parliament)
  • Councillor
  • Tenant Panel

The role of a ‘designated person’ is to help resolve tenant complaints by:

  • providing advice to tenants
  • advocating on their behalf
  • discussing matters with the landlord
  • engaging with other designated persons
  • carrying out other actions.

They may also refer complaints to the Housing Ombudsman if they are unable to resolve a complaint locally and the complainant agrees.